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Our Founders - Mary Chaiken and Rachel Kramer

It seems unlikely that a molecular biologist with a PhD and professional music geek would join together, but it happened!   And so did CincyCAMS.    Mary and Rachel made music together in MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir until Rachel retired in 2013 (she’s not really old enough to retire!).    Mary decided to retire from her career (she isn’t old either!).  They got to talking and CincyCAMS is the result.   

Mary and Rachel share a passion for music and each bring their professional and personal perspective to the table.   It is their goal that all adults – young and old—have the opportunity to make music in their own unique way.

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Our Facilitators

Classes are taught by “Cincy’s best”!   Facilitators, as we like to call them, are interested in helping all students.   They are people interested in music just like you – they are passionate about their subject and they can’t wait to meet you.

We think this quote sums it up best:

"The facilitator's job is to support everyone to do their best thinking and practice. To do this, the facilitator encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding and cultivates shared responsibility. By supporting everyone to do their best thinking, a facilitator enables group members to search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements" - Kaner[3]

To find out about the facilitators, click on the class you like!

Our In-Network Providers

If participating in CincyCAMS programs inspires you to pursue in-depth study of an instrument, we can help you find a teacher who is right for you by accessing our Network. These people and places have partnered with us to offer you ongoing study if you choose.    

College Conservatory of Music – Preparatory Program
Northern Kentucky University – Preparatory Program
Music Teachers National Association – Southwest District Members

Our Consulting Ensemble

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without” - Confucius

That’s what Confucius says and we listen to him – but not like we listen to our Consulting Ensemble.  We decided many heads are better than just ours.  Imagine having a virtual focus group all of the time!   This ensemble makes beautiful musical opinions together and we can’t thank them enough.   If you see them – thank them, too!    They are great – just read their bios – you’ll see!   They support us and tell us what they think and we don’t take it personally – we take it seriously.   Read the Bios of the Ensemble

Mary Lynn Barber, Director of Counseling Services, Wilmington College
Alyssa Brandt, Freelance Writer and Contributing Editor, Cincinnati Magazine
Kevin Cranley, President, Willis Music Company
Anne Cushing-Reid, Senior Director, Community Engagement & Learning, Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra
Brenda Dillon, RMM Teacher Trainer
Loi Drath, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Quickalytics
Haley Elkins, Professional Writer
Sharon Frankart, Director of Program Delivery, Leadership Scholars
Jim Huizenga, Senior Program Officer, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Ron Hoffman, Retired University Instructor and Media Services Director
Geri Kolesar, Freelance Writer and Editor          
Carl Kramer, Retired President,Jacoby-Wise Funeral Home
Tom Long, Marketing Consultant and Strategic Planner                                                                                                                                                                            

Marie Elyse Krulewitch-Browne, Sponsorship & Events Manager, ArtWorks
Charmaine Moore, Chamber Relationship Manager, Infintech
Mari Opatz Muni, Associate Professor of Music, Miami University
KellyAnn Nelson, Artistic Director, Young Professionals' Choral Collective (yp/CC) & Director of Education & Outreach, Cincinnati Boychoir
Gillian Oakenfull, Professor of Marketing, Miami University
Nick Payne, Independent Market Research Professional
Debbie Piper, Usability Analyst, Cengage Learning
Diana Porter, Educator and Founding Member of MUSE, Cincinnati's Women's Choir
Bruce Preston, Account Representative, Sedgwick CMS
Brian Reynolds, Senior Application Engineer, Point and Click Solutions Inc.
Kate Roberton, Associate Director, dunnhumbyUSA
Ron Roberts, Library Services Coordinator, Kaplan University
Dr. Catherine Roma, Professor of Music, Wilmington College
Marsie Rowan, Marketing & Graphic Design, The Verdin Company
Frank Seta, President, Seta Music
Brian Shepard, Chief Operating Officer, Music Teachers National Association
Gina Siegel          



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